Dennis Barker CV 2018

Newcastle Philosophy Society  (Website Maintenance  & Social Media Officer)

  • April 2016 – Now
  • This role is to keep the website events listings up to date.
  • posting and updating event listings
  • Writing copy for the website/Meetup listings

Newcastle Philosophy Society  (Trustee & Board Member)

  • April 2016 – November 2017
  • Attending and contributing to monthly board meetings
  • Reading and Approve/Amend Monthly Minutes

Transferable Skills

  • Coaching
  • Staff Supervision
  • Telemarketing
  • Website Development & Maintenance (WordPress & BuddyPress)
  • Group Leadership
  • Monthly Staff Monitoring based on independent research
  • Produce 3 Month Staff Rota – Covering 24/7 Switchboard
  • Telephone Fault Reporting

More Transferable Skills

  • Customer Service (Retail)
  • Customer Service (Call Centre – Help desk)


  • Hidden Philosopher (Group Strategy & Leadership)

Group Leadership & Development

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Dennis more, collaborating with him to run Physician Heal Thyself. Dennis has contributed to the forum on a regular basis, always operating from a foundation of knowledge and trust whilst organising and hosting regular meetings offline to strengthen the Club’s infrastructure. He is personable, proactive and excels in his chosen field. Emma James
Emma James
  • Physician Heal Thyself
  • Cashflow Activation Coaching
Dennis is surprisingly grounded for someone exploring the human bandwidth. His tools are a genuine understanding of creating a safe space for people to engage and helping us stretch ourselves by exploring possibilities. His forum is rich with information and people sharing their experiences and knowledge.
Colby Stuart

Cashflow Activation Coaching & Teleconference

Dennis is a rare combination in his field. A person with top notch common sense whilst able to entertain radical concepts. It is his ability to combine these to bring about real change that marks Dennis from the Pack! Add in the fact that Dennis is 100% true from top to bottom and you are meeting one of life’s truly great people. Dennis you are a joy every time we meet, best regards, Glen
Glen Mount ford Tucker
Dennis is great – I’ve taken part in one of his ‘Cash Activation Teleconference’ phone calls, which allows the participants to pitch their businesses. Since then I’ve been in contact with the people who were on the call and we’re all helping each other out. I highly recommend you contact Dennis and get your cashflow activated!
Neil Urquhart
Dennis has an intuitive (holistic) understanding of life energy. Have you ever read the books of Caroline Myss? Caroline says that money is energy, and we should put our faith in money as a tool, not as a life saver. Dennis can help you get back into this healthy state. The result of a consultation with Dennis is that money runs after you instead of you running after the money.
Ronald Woperais
Dennis went through an interesting process with me which gave me a much clearer vision of the way forward and some good tools and ideas on how to ask for more work. Since then I have performed a major collaborative project and have been offered two other promising opportunities. Well worth doing. – I recommend that you try him out. BTW he’s a really nice guy too! – Regards – Maurice
Maurice Watts
Dennis Barker was providing a lot of positive vibes and energy to the Make Poverty History open space I attended, and he shows great committment to the cause to Make Sustainable Prosperity Future. I envision that; a start of something greater not seen yet. We who met there overall, and Dennis/my link we strengthened by meeting first time offline after spiritual virtuality. A Future Reconstructor!
Anders Abrahamsson
I was very impressed with our cashflow session. I received 2 unexpected phone calls with offers of work totalling £2000 and also received £1300 from a forgotten invoice. I would suggest that people put any sceptisism on hold and have a session with Dennis. As well as the actual cash, I am sure that our subsequent chat will lead to some more cashflow generators.
Sharon Stiles
The Cashflow Activation process is a powerful visualisation technique. Its hard to say whether the contracts I won after the session would have come anyway. All I can say is that following the session with Dennis I experienced a couple of very lucrative contracts out of the blue. I understand from speaking to other people that this is a normal outcome.
Richard White

Call Centre Survival Guide


Contributed experience to members meeting discussion tasks


During the early naughties I trained in spiritualist mediumship